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Empty Stare

Empty Stare is about the 'voice of the voiceless', inspired by Hans Bellmer's puppet sculptures.
The 'voiceless' are inanimate objects like stones, wood and dolls, but when we look at the inanimate, trapped in inconvenience, a gaze emerges from them like a mirror and reflects our own. It could be a part of me I didn't even know I had. Hidden behind my sociability is a voice as hard as stone.
People who live in a complex modern society, oppressed by unaccountable forces and unable to express their true voice, are they strangers to me, completely unrelated to me?

This work offers a very broad perspective where the 'voiceless voice' expressed by the dancers through Butoh spreads out like a wave, overcoming the audience's prejudices and preconceptions, changing their perspectives and releasing them into the rich real world.

Empty Stare takes its title from the facial expressions of Hans Bellmer's puppet sculptures. They stare unintentionally into the void. The gaze is not fixed, and a black hole seems to expand behind the eyes, absorbing the viewer's will as well. The eyes are empty, but they hide something.
What world is reflected in these eyes?

Performance: Hikaru Inagawa,
Bratan Bratanov, Rareș Grozea, Adina Mohr, Nile,

Concept, direction, choreography, costume design: Maco
Co-choreography, music structure: Hikaru Inagawa
Lighting design: Tilman Agueras
Assistant: Adina Mohr

Production: 4RUDE 

75 Min.

Premiere 05 July & 06, 07, 08 July 2023

at Theater im Delphi, Berlin


"Empty Stare" gefördert durch das Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin

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Photo:Jérôme Depierre