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Das Sein -RUINEN- /The Being -RUINS-

The protagonist is the entire, old, abandoned building. We don't know if the building will be renovated and destroyed or if it will be preserved as it is. Inside are various unused objects, a large cloth has been hung over them to keep out the dust. The audience, who are trespassers entering the building for the first time in decades, are invited to peek into a day of the ruin. The building, uninhabited by humans, has become a playground for all kinds of souls.An old woman emerges as the soul of the entire building. She seems to be in a deep sleep, but is awakened by the intrusion of people, that is, the public, for the first time in decades. The protective cloth begins to move strongly. The ticking of the clock is audible again, invisible objects seem to start moving.

The expression of Butoh involves not only dancing organic beings, such as people, animals or plants, but also using inorganic materials, for example dust, glass, wood or mist as material for the dance. The soul dimension of these objects is expressed in dance and the atmosphere of old buildings is spun from the perspective of a theatrical story. The memory of the old building brings to mind the hustle and bustle of the old days when it flourished as a social meeting place.

Ruins: Maco
Draught/ Returnee: Hikaru Inagawa
Memory: Adina Mohr, Rareș Grozea

Concept, direction, choreography, stage, lighting concept: Hikaru Inagawa
Concept, choreography, costume: Maco
Music: Masami Hirobe, Bogdan A.(drian) Opriou a.o.
Music structure: Hikaru Inagwa
Technical direction: Tilman Agueras

Production: 4RUDE

65 min.

Premiere: 18. November 2021, at Theater im Delphi

Nora Novak
Claude Hofer 
Peter Zach