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About 4RUDE 

The Theater-Butoh company 4RUDE was founded by Hikaru Inagawa and Maco in 2005 and has created and performed numerous productions worldwide and has given lots of workshops ever since. 4RUDE is searching for an ideal form of expression and finds alternative ways in theatre, which lead to unique theatrical performances without words. Based on elements from theatre and Butoh they create distinct pieces, constructed from a body movement language that finds its source in the personal experiences of the performers. They have been developing their way of working and their vision for years and continue to do so, exploring the way into the deep and by doing so creating a unique language in modern theatre. The epicentre of 4RUDE’s work is Berlin.

Schedule of regular Training

Theater-Butoh training with 4RUDE, in Berlin



04 [Fundamentals], 11 [Advanced], 18 [Basic]

25 [Advanced]

18:00 - 20:00

at Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte

Please contact : info(at)

*This training is a course for performers who want to train with us repeatedly. We are thinking about how we exist on the stage through this training.

*New participants join only [Basic] day.



4RUDE presents

“New Butoh Artist series 01”

March 9th 2019 20:00

Lichtblitz” ©Sigel Eschkol 2018

New Projekt

4RUDE Theater-Butoh piece

June 14th - 16th 2019

at Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin

further details will follow soon!!

4RUDE produces a special Butoh-Evening in Berlin.

We introduce 5 new Butoh artists who have learned in our Mondays training and Workshops regularly several years. They present a first short solo Butoh-piece that they have been challenged to create for this special and daring evening. Their creations are based on Hijikata’s butoh-fu method, 4RUDE’s theater-butoh technique and their own Butoh experiences as well.

In this evening, we also present Maco’s short new Butoh-piece.

Solo performance: Anja Binder, Bratan Bratanov,

Manuel Breuer, Carmen Lafran, Adina Mohr

Special performance: Maco (4RUDE)

Artistic director: Hikaru Inagawa

Production: 4RUDE

at: Tatwerk Performative Forschung

Tickets: 5−10€ Sliding scale

info/reservation: info(at), info(at)