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Theater- Butoh workshop with 4RUDE  


-2 days

Body produced by perception

-3 days + Final performance


-6 days + Final performance

Crime and Punishment Ⅰ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ


First of all, we begin with standing.

Next, we walk.

For us, standing and walking are so essential that we can produce a piece of work with only these actions.

How do you breathe? Think about how to balance the centre of gravity. How about the rhythm you take? You may think these are trivial but little change can make a great difference. You don't take a step without perception. Your feet move only when you have a reason to move.

So please imagine: What is THE space you want to create on stage?

First and foremost, you need to be in dialogue with your soul. Then with your body.

Try to concentrate your awareness on every cell in your body. After that, pay attention to the details in yourself. Finally your awareness get back where it was namely your brain and the way it was.

In the second place, try to expand your awareness further out of your body, then you may feel as if your body would be inside-down. Your skin becomes the border of this inversion.

The furthest thing stands the nearest to you and the nearest thing stays the furthest.

And you walk. Just keep on walking.

Now you carry the world. Now we carry you at the same time.

Our workshop is fully open to everybody: not only professional performers like actors and dancers but those who haven't never performed on the stage before. We welcome all artists who are interested in BUTOH as well.

"Absence" Trailer

Theater-Butoh Workshop Final Performance

7th January 2019, at Studio2 / Mime Centrum Berlin