In this workshop we learn the Butoh method and we will also experience creating process of Theater-Butoh piece.

The motif of the performance is "Crime and Punishment".

4RUDE has developed and performed a workd based on this novel it as a trilogy in Tokyo in 2005-2007. This trilogy was approached from theatrical side to the literature, in this workshop we will experiment in the approach from the Butoh.


This workshop is based on "Butoh-fu ("fu" means score in Japanese)". Butoh-fu has been transmitted orally by Tatsumi Hijikata. His choreographic method aims "to physicalize images through words," and those words are called Butoh-fu. Every word of this notation has its own choreographic meaning for the performer. The mold of Butoh-fu is very strict, but there is also a lot of blank space entrusted to a dancer. Butoh-fu can provide a vast image for an artist. We will also build up strong bodies and voices by using the training based on Suzuki-Method Actor's Training.

You have to control strictly your own body in order to be free.


Maco and Hikaru Inagawa make a Theater-Butoh Piece with the participants through this Workshop. That piece based on "Crime and Punishment" a novel by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Performances will be held in the last day of this Workshop.

"Crime and Punishment  I”

April 2016, at Tatwerk, Berlin

"Crime and Punishment  Ⅱ -Katerina Ivanovna-”

November 2016, at Tatwerk, Berlin

"Crime and Punishment Ⅲ -Svidrigailov-”

July  2017, at Tatwerk, Berlin


6 day Theater-Butoh experiment „Crime and PunishmentⅠ,Ⅱ,Ⅲ“

Workshop and Performance with 4RUDE