"The Legends of Tono" ("Die Legenden von Tono") is a Butoh piece based on Butoh-fu, a unique choreographic method created by Butoh Master Tatsumi Hijikata (Japan) and developed further by his disciple Yukio Waguri (Japan). Butoh-fu are words/sentences that may sound like a poetry and are used for a dancer to become imagery.

"The Legends of Tono" tells the true stories and legends of the mountain regions of Japan. It includes 9 scenes: A horse and a girl, Puppets play, Witch from the mountain, Kappa… The world of Yokai (supernatural monsters in Japanese folklore) crosses that of the humans.

The piece was created in 2012 in Tokyo by 4RUDE (Maco and Hikaru Inagawa) together with Yukio Waguri. In 2014 it was premiered in Berlin and this year shown at Butoh Festival in Paris.

Butoh: Maco (Macoto Inagawa/4RUDE)

Co appearance:Calola von der Dick

Music: Masaru Soga and others

Text: Kaé華英

Choreography: Yukio Waguri and 4RUDE

Production: Hikaru Inagawa (4RUDE)

Cooperation:Butoh Channel Berlin


Studio 2 Mime Centrum Berlin, 2 EG, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

Performance Start at 20:00 ( about 1hour )

Entrance: 5-8 Euro

The performance is a part of the program "Butoh Masters in Berlin"

Photo: Saverio Tonoli Adamo